Veronique Entertainment Management (VEM) is founded by Veronique van Iersel.
In the last ten years she performed as a dancer/model for brands like Nike, Asics, Hunkemoller, MTV and Stage Entertainment. As a choreographer she created a style that has a commercial approach combined with an artistic touch.

She is travelling all over the world to create shows for several big brands like; Corona Sunsets festival (Shanghai, Santiago, Ibiza), Heineken (Kuala Lumpur), Absolut (New Orleans), Don’t’ Let Daddy Know (Amsterdam).

Besides Festivals and Dance Events she also creates and choreographs for theatre shows, musical performances and fashion shows like The Efteling, Hunkemoller and JBC.

She’s known for her no nonsense approach and her hard work. As a choreographer she is flexible, dedicated and ambitious. She looks for interaction between different disciplines like lights, staging, dance styles, costumes and audience. In every discipline she finds a creative and artistic tool to take the choreography to a higher level.

VEM is always searching for new possibilities to get the best out of a performance.

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She moves you!

Alexe Jansen, Dancer

I have worked with a lot of different choreographers in the past few years and I have to say that Veronique is one of the most pleasant choreographers I’ve worked with.

She is always very well prepared, communicates clearly and in a transparent way with her dancers and clients and most of all she knows what she wants and how she wants it.

For me as a dancer it’s very comfortable to work with a choreographer like Veronique. Clear, no surprises, reasonable, hard work but mostly fun!

James Morgan, Producer

Every time I worked with VEM Productions I’m stunned to get to see my personal ideas performed on stage. Especially the search for possibilities between the different disciplines takes me by surprise.

Veronique is loyal, ambitious and flexible but most of all she’s fun to work with. Even in very stressful situations she stays down to earth and finds a solution to make things work. What I like about working with Veronique is the personal approach between her and the performers.