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Tomorrow’s a Mystery

Our Trailer Trash Family for the Desperados stage @ Mysteryland

Commercial time again

Shoot for Designfare

‘Dit wil ik weken’

Together with 30 dancers VEM created a choreography inspired by Busby Berkeley for the upcoming commercial of Tele 2. “This was so much fun. Thanks again for this great opportunity!”

Sexy as hell!

Hunkem√∂ller’s Brand event of the Year in Tivoli Vredenburg was sexy as hell! We are very proud to be part of this amazing event. Gorgeous girls, beautiful collection and a great audience! Already for the third time VEM was responsible for the choreography and showcalling.

One big party again at JBC

It was so much fun to be part of this!! For the 7th time VEM was part of the choreography for the fashionshow of JBC in Belgium.

@ the office

A sneak peak of the stage rehearsal in Rimini: Our choreographer Veronique at work in Italy. Besides the choreography of the dancers she’s also responsible for the staging of the musicians.